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The EAM declared during his virtual speech at the T20 Summit that “India Way is to make the world ‘India ready’ and ourselves ‘world ready’.”

He wrote: “Virtually connected with attendees at the #T20Summit in Mysore. Posting a link to the video of my speech at the summit. A lively debate on the G20, current issues, major concerns, and the group’s priorities. emphasised that the India Way is to “make the world ‘India ready’ and ourselves ‘world ready’.”

Jaishankar stressed that the rift in the UN Security Council has made the G20 a more significant institution than it may have been in the past.

“…We sincerely feel that the vast majority of UN members now desire reform. And only a small number of nations do not want to do that and, in a way, are manipulating the system, according to Jaishankar.

The G20 is currently facing a number of issues. There is a North-South division, an East-West disconnect, the Ukraine conflict, a debt crisis, and trade interruptions, as well as the influence of Covid on many sectors. The Sustainable Development Goals and climate action have also been hampered by these circumstances, Jaishankar continued.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar stated that the G20 group faces numerous problems and that India’s Presidency was unorthodox, resulting in a stronger sense of community.

Tuesday’s second day of the Think20 (T20) Summit in Mysore featured a virtual talk by Jaishankar and a high-level conversation with him as its primary highlights.

Jaishankar stated that there have been “some achievements, some work in progress, and some hope in progress” regarding India’s G20 Presidency.

The G20’s T20 Engagement Group brings together high-level professionals and think tanks to discuss pertinent policy topics, acting as the G20’s “ideas bank” and official Engagement Group. During India’s G20 Presidency, the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is acting as the T20 Secretariat.

In light of the G20’s enormous importance as a global organisation, Jaishankar stated that “India must ensure a focus on the right issues and come up with an actionable consensus.”

The G20 must maintain unity and cohesion, with “open discussion among all members, irrespective of their other affiliations,” the external affairs minister underscored.

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