This committee monitors the products from the designated nations and assesses any risks that they may pose. In November 2023, Nanda was appointed Joint Secretary to the Cabinet Secretariat. According to sources in the Government of India, this is not an entire list, and additional companies will be included when inputs are received by the concerned officials.

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DRDO Chairman Samir V Kamat said on Saturday that the Indian government’s aim to make India self-sufficient in military production has resulted in a significant increase in the sector.

When asked what made the ‘Make in India’ campaign a success, Kamat responded, “Several things have made this tale feasible, the first of which is the government’s desire to make Aatmnirbharta a reality. I believe that is the most significant thing that has altered the tale.”

“We’ve been talking about self-reliance for a long time, but the government hasn’t shown any drive. “Since the current government took power, they have made a concerted effort to enforce Aatmnirbharta,” Kamat stated at the Firstpost Defence Summit 2024.

“The list that the government has released, which services now have to acquire from Indian companies, has given a drive to Indian companies to invest and start manufacturing the systems within the nation… Also

“The first step is to establish the country’s research and development ecosystem. For far too long, R&D was primarily centred on DRDO, but steps have been done to guarantee that the R&D system includes start-ups, MSMEs, and academics,” Kamat stated.

“This will allow us to bring innovation to market much more quickly. We now have the private sector involved in defence manufacture. The private sector will supply the necessary vigour. “They will produce the systems faster, more cost effectively, and with higher quality,” he continued.

Kamat further stated that India’s defence exports will increase in the coming days.

“The type of attention that we are receiving

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