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The Indian Navy stated in the closing ceremony of the India-US Tiger Triumph exercise, as reported by Indian Defence News in 2024.

Furthermore, the Indian Navy confirmed that “both nations’ units conducted maritime exercises at sea during the sea phase, which ran from March 26 to 30. Troops then landed at Kakinada to establish a joint command and control centre as well as a joint relief and medical camp for HADR operations.”

“Cross-deck helicopter operations involving UH3H, CH53, and MH60R helicopters were also undertaken between ships of the Indian Navy and the US Navy off Kakinada and Visakhapatnam,” the navy stated.

A landing platform dock, sizable landing ship tanks with integrated landing craft and helicopters, guided missile Frigate, and long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft were among the Indian Navy assets that took part.

One infantryman represented the Indian Army.

“The US Task Force would comprise of a US Navy Landing Platform Dock including its integral Landing Craft Air Cushions and helicopters, a Destroyer, maritime reconnaissance and medium lift aircraft, and also, US Marines,” according to the press statement.

During the harbour and sea phases of the exercise, Special Operations Forces from all three services took part and worked together to conduct combined operations in Visakhapatnam and Kakinada with their US counterparts.

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