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The increasing importance of maritime security due to changing geopolitical landscapes and new threats means that modernising and expanding the air fleet is crucial for keeping an eye on and safeguarding India’s extensive maritime area.

Two brand-new, fully equipped with the newest avionics, Dornier-228 aircraft have been added to the Indian Coast Guard Region-East’s fleet, greatly enhancing its aerial capabilities.

The installation of contemporary avionics systems and primary role sensors is part of the Midlife Upgrade at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Tactical Aircraft Division) in Kanpur. This improves the aircraft’s operational efficacy and efficiency for maritime surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The Indian Coast Guard has long relied on the sturdy Dornier-228 aircraft, which is well-known for its adaptability, dependability, and agility to a broad range of maritime operations.

A coordinated effort to modernise and future-proof the ageing fleet is represented by the Midlife Upgrade initiative, which aims to keep the vessel at the forefront of maritime security operations in the demanding coastal and maritime environment.

Modern avionics, such as sophisticated navigation, communication, and sensor suites, are installed in the updated Dornier-228 aircraft, giving Coast Guard staff members more situational awareness and operational flexibility.

The primary duty sensors’ installation also improves the aircraft’s ability to identify, track, and capture marine dangers like illegal fishing, smuggling, and marine pollution.

The Indian Coast Guard’s resolve to improve its operational capabilities and readiness to protect the country’s maritime interests is demonstrated by the decision to modify the Dornier-228 aircraft.

The importance of maritime security has increased due to changing geopolitical landscapes and new threats. To successfully monitor and safeguard India’s extensive maritime domain, expenditures in modernising and expanding the air fleet are crucial.

The commander of India Coast Guard Region-East gave a speech during the induction ceremony to express how much he valued the cooperation of all parties engaged in the Midlife Upgrade project.

He underlined the strategic significance of keeping a contemporary, technologically sophisticated air fleet to meet the changing needs of the maritime domain awareness and the essential role that aerial surveillance and reconnaissance play in it.

The Commander said, “We are continuously working to improve the operational capabilities of the India Coast Guard Region-East, and the introduction of the upgraded Dornier-228 aircraft represents a major milestone in that regard.” “By enhancing our maritime surveillance and response capabilities, these cutting-edge aircraft will be instrumental in guaranteeing the safety and security of our coastal waters and exclusive economic zone.”

The Indian Coast Guard’s dedication to utilising cutting-edge technology and innovation to meet the ever-changing problems of maritime security in the twenty-first century is embodied in the updated Dornier-228 aircraft.

These aircraft will be a force multiplier in the Coast Guard’s effort to defend India’s maritime interests and boundaries thanks to their improved capabilities and cutting-edge avionics technology.

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