U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and CDS ANIL CHAUHAN have talks and affirm strong defence ties.

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On Wednesday, Admiral John Christopher Aquilino of the United States Indo-Pacific Command (US INDOPACOM) and Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Anil Chauhan, the highest ranking military officer in India, addressed current security issues and reaffirmed closer connections between their two nations.

The two talked on areas of mutual strategic interest, bilateral defence cooperation, and current security problems, according to a social media post by Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff (HQ IDS).

Admiral John C. Aquilino, Cdr US INDOPACOM, speaks with General Anil Chauhan, #CDS_India. Conversations about current security challenges, matters of shared strategic interest and bilateral defence cooperation, appropriately confirming closer relations between the two countries, were posted on X by HQ IDS.

Earlier in the day, CDS General Anil Chauhan spoke with a Lockheed Martin delegation, having conversations about working with the

The US multinational company Lockheed Martin, which specialises in technology, information security, weapons, aerospace, and defence, has shipped defence goods from India to the US for almost USD 650 million.

Defence sources claimed that earlier in January, General Chauhan spoke via video conference with Admiral John C. Aquilino, the chief of the United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM), about bilateral defence cooperation and current security issues.

The two leaders also spoke about their shared strategic interests and continued defence cooperation.

In December of last year, the US provided its partners with state-of-the-art military capabilities in order to preserve deterrence in the Indo-Pacific and support India’s aspirations to modernise its defences.


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