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China’s attempt to rename many locations in Arunachal Pradesh has been denied by Union Minister for Earth Sciences Kiren Rijiju, who called the move “malicious” and said that the Ministry of External Affairs has responded appropriately to Beijing’s action.

Rijiju stated in an interview with ANI that the Congress government’s approach of not developing border areas had made the Chinese very happy. He claimed that the Congress’s border strategy has been altered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to him, China is uneasy as infrastructure is being built in border regions.

“China has given some kind of names to some places in Arunachal Pradesh,” a union minister stated. However, I fail to see why they are acting in that way. We are deeply offended and completely reject

He added that under PM Modi’s leadership, India has become a major force. He said that while India won’t cause trouble for outsiders, it will react correctly if the nation is unsettled. Arunachal Pradesh’s citizens are Indian nationals, according to Rijiju, and their status cannot be altered.

In an attempt to bolster its claim over India’s northeastern province, China recently published a list of thirty locations in Arunachal Pradesh. This is when he made his comments. China’s renaming of sites has been met with resistance from India.

“Chinese were very happy with Congress government because Congress had a policy not to develop the border areas,” he claimed, criticising the Congress for failing to develop border areas during its tenure in office. Prime Minister Modi, however, has changed the negative border.

In response, China is acting. China is uneasy right now. They are objecting to India’s extensive infrastructure construction in border regions. For this reason, people are turning to this kind of dishonest behaviour. However, this is not the India of Congress days. This is not India in 1962.”

“India became a major power under Modiji’s leadership and won’t cause any issues. India will not meddle in the domestic affairs of other nations. However, if we feel uneasy,

then we’ll react suitably. So there’s no need to panic; Arunachal Pradesh’s populace is incredibly nationalistic and solidly supports the prime minister. No one can alter our status as Indians,” he continued.

Congress is being criticised for its

In response to criticism from opposition parties that the government should abandon its “trial balloon” diplomacy with China, he stated, “The Congress party and government have demonstrated their track record. Therefore, what Congress says is essentially supporting Chinese propaganda. Thus, if you notice Rahul Gandhi’s vocabulary. He is using the exact same terminology as the Chinese government. Thus, Rahul Gandhi is employed by the Chinese government as a propagandist. Therefore, since the Congress has made a scene against these border territories, they have no moral standing or right to speak on them. For the past 60 years, they have completely disregarded and underdeveloped the border areas.”

He praised the government led by Prime Minister Modi for its development efforts in border areas.

“They haven’t paid our people the care they need, leaving them on their own. They spent over 60 years ignoring our people. With the launch of the dynamic village programme and the designation of border villages as the original villages in the nation, Modi has now successfully incorporated the border people into the mainstream. Thus, Modi ji has completely altered the situation of the people living in border areas. Our border folks are thrilled now,” he continued.

China’s proposal to rename a number of locations in Arunachal Pradesh was sharply rebuffed earlier in the day by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which stated that giving the state new names would “not alter the reality that the state will always be an integral and inalienable part of India.”

China has continued to make absurd attempts to change its name.

Thirty more officially released place names in the Zangnan region have been formally revealed, according to the ministry’s official website, as reported by the Global Times.

The first list of the so-called standardised names for six locations in Zangnan was published by the Chinese Civil Affairs Ministry in 2017. A second list of fifteen locations was released in 2021, and a third list of eleven locations was provided in 2023.

“Place names in foreign languages that may harm China’s territorial claims and sovereignty rights shall not be directly quoted or translated without authorization,” according to Article 13 of the implementation measures, which are scheduled to go into effect on May 1, 2024, according to a report by Global Times.

India has always rejected China’s attempts to rename

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