Dhaka: US ban on Chinese products has greatly impacted Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry as it is largely dependent on the Chinese province for raw materials, local media reported.

Bangladesh’s ready-made garment manufacturers and exporters believed that the US embargo on Chinese goods would lead to their industry’s crisis reported Bangladesh Live News.

It is pertinent to mention that Bangladesh is dependent on China because it is geographically closer as compared to other countries and has the advantage of supplying goods from China in a short period of time.

Before COVID, the US had imposed tariffs on Chinese goods. In retaliation, China also imposed tariffs on US goods. Then the trade war between the two countries started.

The US has imposed an embargo on Chinese technology maker Huawei, and in 2021, the country also banned Xinjiang’s tomatoes and cotton.

On the issue of the Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act, the US-imposed ban on all the products produced in western China’s Xinjiang.

The United States says Uyghur Muslims are being persecuted, child labour and labour laws are being violated in Xinjiang province where the cotton is grown. Which does not approve of U.S. human rights and labour law. For this reason, the country has banned the products produced here, according to Bangladesh Live News.

Not only that, the countries and organizations that will import goods from this region of China and export them to the United States must also ensure that these products are not made by forced labour.

The United States has repeatedly accused China of forcing Muslims to stay in Xinjiang. Which amounts to significant human rights violations and genocide.

There have also been allegations that Uighur Muslims are being held in inhumane conditions in mass detention camps.

Although the purchase of raw materials from the main destination is in decline in the wake of inflation and recession, there is a possibility of relocation from China to Bangladesh in the future, reported Bangladesh Live News.

According to the garment industry, the country’s purchases are expected to come to Vietnam and Bangladesh due to the ban on Chinese products. Besides, India and Pakistan will also enjoy the benefits.

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