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“I am Eric Garcetti and I get to serve as President Biden’s ambassador from the United States to India,” Garcetti stated on Thursday while speaking at the “US National Day celebrations” in Mumbai. It is, I have to admit, the most enjoyable job I have ever had. I’m going to travel India by food. I intend to progress through India. But more importantly, we are going to write a new chapter in US-India relations with your help.

He added that the “closeness” of the two nations’ populations rather than their leaders—Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden—defines the connection between the two.

“The US-India relationship is often defined by the proximity of our leaders or of our government,” stated Garcetti. But they really do show how close-knit our community is. It’s also not a brand-new friendship. Before the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) visited Washington, it has been going on for years and decades.

The United States has an approval rating of 80% in India, which is higher than the approval rating of the United States in the United States, according to a recent poll, I wrote in a briefing to the President of the United States before the historic state visit a few weeks ago. So we want to say thank you for loving us sometimes even more than we love ourselves. And it serves as a helpful reminder that the American dream and the Indian dream are actually two sides of the same coin.

The American ambassador to India reflected on his trip to Ahmedabad and declared that it was still the best trip he had ever taken to India.

“I can’t wait to see Chief Minister Eknath Shinde,” he added, recalling the Mumbai chapter, “who not only gave me a wonderful meeting when I came here but fed me some of the best food that I’ve had anywhere.”

“India is extremely proud of its cuisine, from village to village, state to state, and region to area. The best is everywhere, so don’t ask me where it is. I value the leadership he and the Maharashtra state government have provided, as well as the partnerships we have here in Gujarat, Goa, and the entire region that is represented here, Garcetti added.

Garcetti visited several states in recent months and sampled their regional, wonderful, and distinctive cuisine.

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