Using a new towable gun system, the Indian Army will increase its artillery firepower on northern borders.

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The Indian Army is prepared to increase the power of its artillery along its northern frontiers, particularly in reaction to the ongoing hostilities with China. The Army has started the process of releasing a “request for proposal” (RFP) for the acquisition of towed gun systems, marking a significant shift towards indigenous weapon systems. The upcoming issuance of this RFP will open the door for the acquisition of cutting-edge artillery equipment.

The 155mm/52 calibre advanced towed-artillery gun system (ATAGS) is the centre of this attempt. These cannons, which were jointly developed by Bharat Forge Limited, Tata Advanced Systems, and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), mark a significant advancement in the country’s artillery capabilities. Their innovative features and sturdy construction make them ideal for use in

The first regiment will be stationed at the line of actual control (LAC) with China. The first aim is to induct 114 ATAGS. The Army’s artillery capabilities will be greatly improved by these guns, which will deliver precise firepower in key locations. Furthermore, the fact that they are more affordable than previous purchases, such as the Bofors weapons, highlights the defence industry’s dedication to independence.

It was imperative that India bolster its defences because of the continuous tensions along the Lacca Strait. Experts predict that the ATAGS will be a potent addition to the Indian Army’s arsenal. The Regiment of Artillery, which is the second-largest weapon after the infantry, is crucial to the country’s security.

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