New Delhi: The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Wednesday stressed on the need to take prompt action against the continued violence against Hindus in Leicester and Birmingham.

In a letter to British Prime Minister Liz Truss, VHP said they are alarmed at the ongoing violence in Leicester in which a large number of Hindus of Leicester have been targeted.

“The Vishva Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) is deeply concerned and alarmed at the ongoing violence in Leicester in which a large number of Hindus of Leicester, their places of worship, and their cultural and religious symbols have been wantonly targeted and damaged by Islamic extremists and hoodlums,” the group said.

“These violent, hateful and extremist acts are entirely unidirectional and unilateral. However, a strong but false narrative is being constructed that it is the Hindus of that area, who triggered this wanton violence, and are responsible for the same,” the letter read.

VHP said that several Hindus had been assaulted, and numerous Hindu places of worship in Leicester had been vandalised. The group said Hindus are being terrorised to remove symbols of their heritage, traditions, culture, and religion.

“Many houses and properties of Hindus have been damaged. Many Hindus living in the impacted area have not sent their kids to school for several days now,” the group said.

The cycle of violence was triggered on August 28 after India won the Asia Cup T20 match against Pakistan. A clash broke out among groups of young men in Leicestershire, according to the police statement. At least 15 people have been arrested so far in the matter.

Various videos and reports have been circulating on social media about organised gangs seen vandalising and terrorising Hindus in the UK’s Leicester City. The incident follows a spate of violence and disorder in the eastern part of the city.

On Monday, Indian High Commission in the UK condemned the violence perpetrated against the Indian community in Leicester and sought immediate action against those involved in the attacks.

The High Commission issued a statement saying that it has taken up the matter with the UK authorities.

“We strongly condemn the violence perpetrated against the Indian Community in Leicester and vandalization of premises and symbols of Hindu religion. We have strongly taken up this matter with the UK authorities and have sought immediate action against those involved in these attacks. We call on the authorities to provide protection to the affected people,” the statement read.

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