When US deputy secretary Verma meets with Jaishankar, they talk about how to advance US-Indian relations.

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External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Richard R. Verma reported having a “productive discussion” on Tuesday.

The two talked about how to advance the vital India-US partnership, according to Verma.

“Happy to meet with External Affairs Minister @DrSJaishankar once more. Had a fruitful conversation about a range of issues pertaining to the #USIndia relationship and how we can keep advancing our vital alliance,” Verma wrote on X.

Jaishankar, meanwhile, remarked that it is “always good to meet” Verma and that they had discussions about advancing regional and international collaboration.

“Nice to meet US @DepSecStateMR as always.” Verma Richard. discussed mutually beneficial global and regional concerns as well as our grow

“Welcoming back to our embassy in New Delhi, as the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources (@DepSecStateMR) is former US Ambassador to India @RichardRVerma! DMR Verma will meet with the Embassy team, high-ranking government officials, business executives, and entrepreneurs in New Delhi with the aim of promoting the worldwide strategic partnership between the United States and India on a wide variety of matters, encompassing economic development, security, and technology. #USIndiaFWD,” it said in the message.

Verma expressed his joy at returning to India in a brief video message.

“There are a lot of things I want to do here. Attending the Raisina Dialogue, meeting with our IndusX partners, and attempting to progress on all the important areas of our relationship—defense, commerce, clean energy, essential minerals, and—


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