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Washington: On Wednesday, White House representative John Kirby stated that every sovereign nation, including India, has the freedom to purchase oil or lubricants from any other nation.

This comment was made in response to a question regarding India’s purchase of oil from Russia, which may have been on the conversational agenda between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the latter’s visit to the US.

Strategic communications coordinator for the National Security Council (NSC), Kirby, responded to the query by saying, “We encourage, as I said, all governments to acquire oil in compliance with the price cap. From the standpoint of the United States, we don’t think that this is the moment for Putin and Russia to conduct business as usual.

“Every nation must exercise its own sovereign judgement. Regarding our stance on Russian trade and economic possibilities, we have always been transparent and consistent with all of our allies and partners. But each just and autonomous nation must make these choices for itself, he continued.

Since India announced that it will purchase oil from Russia, the problem has spread throughout the world.

Last year, India’s position on the Ukraine war and the justifications for buying oil from Russia were set out in detail by the country’s External Affairs Minister (EAM), S. Jaishankar. Jaishankar had been questioned about the purchase of oil from Russia at multiple gatherings by representatives of several nations. The EAM responded, “I prefer to do it my way and articulate it my way.”

Kirby discussed the absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin from this week’s G20 Summit in India with reporters at a news briefing at the Washington Foreign news Centre.

He claimed to be unaware of any potential preparations made by the two presidents to skip the leaders’ conference.

“And I want to tell Russia to get out of Ukraine. Stop the conflict, Kirby said.

The NSC coordinator mentioned the potential of talks between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday at the briefing.

Kirby asserted that he had little doubt that they will also talk about the current conflict in Ukraine and the negative impact it is having on low- and middle-income nations, which brings up the topic of economic cooperation once more.

According to Kirby, the two presidents will definitely talk about the security, economic, and diplomatic difficulties that the Indo-Pacific region is currently facing.

On September 9 and 10, the G20 Leaders’ Summit will be held in India, and US Vice President Joe Biden is expected to participate. His trip to India will begin on September 7.

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