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Russia has been a firm and devoted friend of India since its independence. Recognizing India’s potential early on, Russia and its leaders have always held India and its people in high regard, resulting in a natural mutually beneficial partnership that has lasted through the decades.

Since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Delhi-Moscow connections have been subjected to undue media scrutiny and scrutiny.

Delhi has always taken a pro-peace, pro-people stance. Despite this, many have questioned India’s import of Russian oil, while others have urged India to follow the lead of the US and the rest of the globe.

However, India and Russia have a unique relationship that cannot and should not be determined simply by other countries that are not a part of this dynamic. Diplomatic ties between India and Russia have a long history and are commercially beneficial.

Both countries benefit from the relationship, and New Delhi will never cut connections with an old ally who has stood by India’s people.

India currently has the world’s fifth largest economy and is expected to overtake Japan and Germany to become one of the top three global economies. (According to S&P and Morgan Stanley predictions)

India’s economic policies have been exceptionally fruitful in recent years, and they are expected to continue driving the country forward in the next years. a spike in bottled-up

While many countries around the world are suffering from a high inflation-driven slowdown, India’s economy continues to thrive. India’s pro-peace, pro-dialogue approach to international affairs makes the most sense for her economy and people.

So, why should India emulate the West’s censure and isolation of Russia?

“We do support the cause. The reason is that no war should be declared. Peace should be maintained, and the UN Charter should be followed, among other reasons. So, conversation and diplomacy should be prioritised, and when we say so, we are not simply stating a philosophy,” says Amb. Anil Trigunayat, a former Indian diplomat.

A logical approach for an industrialising India would be to avoid any inflexible attitudes that could stymie the country’s growing pace.

India would be wise to avoid any technological snag, trade restriction, or diplomatic impediment.

Foreign policy in India is defined by the interests of her own people, not by what others wish or try to impose. When any one force or grouping has attempted to polarise the world, India has refrained from taking sides.

Looking back in time, it is clear that India has always been a neutral and pro-peace country. From its founding as a co-founder of the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961 to its current unambiguous attitude of dialogue and diplomacy, India has often stated that she wants peace and would always encourage and pursue peace.

India’s realism leadership recognises that persistent economic initiatives will rocket the country from low-income to middle-income status.

According to the World Bank, India’s real GDP will expand by 6.9 percent in the fiscal year 2022-2023 as a result of this concept rather than mindlessly adopting sides. (From the World Bank)

New Delhi has also stated unequivocally that her people will always take precedence over politics. Her oil imports from Russia are solely reliant on Russia’s low-cost oil availability. This should not be interpreted otherwise.

“Russia has been a reliable, time-tested partner for us, and as I previously stated, any objective assessment of our relationship over many decades would confirm that it has served both our countries very well. It is our primary responsibility to guarantee that the Indian consumer gets the best possible access to the world market on the most favourable conditions “S. Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, recently stated.

India has had economic, military, and diplomatic requirements over the years, to which Russia has always answered thoughtfully. Whether it was in 1971, when Western powers conspired with Pakistan’s renegade military establishment, or when India’s gasoline-driven economy required low-cost oil to stay afloat, Moscow has been a tried and proved ally for Delhi.

Their long-standing friendship, along with an ever-expanding companionship, benefits both economically and culturally. The western world, particularly the media, must appreciate the intricacies of the India-Russia bilateral relationship, which feeds on cooperation rather than conspiracy.

Many argue that India-Russia relations are being questioned because India is developing as an economic and diplomatic superpower.

India’s top priority has always been

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