XI Jinping meets with Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping met on Tuesday in Beijing, according to Xinhua.

State media delayed releasing information about the meeting.

Lavrov is in the Chinese capital for a two-day visit, as per CNN. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested last month that Lavrov choose China for his first foreign tour following his election victory.

Lavrov and Xi are having their first face-to-face conversation in six years, which is a big deal because heads of state usually don’t meet visiting ministers in person. Just before Putin’s first visit to China after his reelection in 2018, they had their most recent meeting.

China and Russia have since increased their trade, economic, and diplomatic ties, especially in the wake of

Beijing has emerged as an important economic partner for Russia, supporting its isolated economy even though it has claimed neutrality in the crisis. Additionally, the two countries have united diplomatically against what is thought to be Western containment efforts.

As he contemplated his first foreign trip of the new term, Putin alluded to the prospect of going to China at the suggestion of a Russian senator. The Kremlin has not yet verified any travel arrangements, though.

Xi paid a state visit to Moscow in March of last year, while Putin made his most recent trip to Beijing in October for the Belt and Road Forum, as reported by CNN.

Lavrov also had a meeting with Wang Yi, the foreign minister of China, earlier today. Wang announced after their meeting that the two nations’ relations had reached “the highest level in

According to reports from Russian state news agency TASS, Lavrov and Wang discussed the situation in Ukraine. They both agreed that international gatherings on the subject that ignore Moscow’s interests are pointless.

According to a representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang informed his colleague that China is in favour of having an international peace conference that is “recognised by both Russia and Ukraine,” has “equal participation by all parties, and where all peace plans are discussed fairly.”

These remarks are being made in the middle of continuing discussions about ending the conflict in Ukraine. Past peace summits, which were mostly backed by Kiev and excluded Moscow, have not gained any traction. In his peace plan, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls for the total departure of Russian forces.

China has been in communication with Switzerland about a future peace summit, but it has emphasised that Russia and Ukraine must also recognise these discussions, CNN said.

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