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For the three Lok Sabha constituencies in the valley, almost 14,000 additional Kashmiri Pandit migrants have registered to vote, bringing the total to 1.13 lakh.

The Relief and Rehabilitation Department reports that over 1.13 lakh migrants from Kashmir are now eligible to vote in the three seats.

We are pleading with all immigrant voters to utilise their democratic right and participate in mass voting. Facilities have been set up for them by us. Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner Arvind Karwani stated that M-forms will be distributed and immediately endorsed by authorised zonal authorities and camp commandants.

Approximately 99,000 migrant Kashmiri Pandits registered to vote in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Of the total votes cast, 86% went to the BJP.

Those who fled the Kashmir valley during the 1990s wave of widespread militancy are known as migrant Pandits. Following the militant unrest in Kashmir, 60,000 families—40,142 Hindu, 2,684 Muslim, and 1,730 Sikh—migrated, according to J&K government statistics.

The Relief and Rehabilitation Department has been holding special information workshops about the voting scheme that enables Kashmiri migrants, particularly Pandits, to cast their ballots from various sites beyond the Kashmir valley in Jammu and Udhampur.

Voting is possible for immigrants in two ways. Initially, people can vote at the designated polling places by completing an M-form. The alternative is to cast a ballot by mail, in which case they

Twenty-six polling places have been put up for Kashmiri Pandit migrant voters: four in Delhi, one in Udhampur, and 21 in Jammu. Four migrant camps and non-camp localities with a high concentration of Kashmiri migrants in Jammu and Delhi are hosting special awareness campaigns.

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