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At the Army’s counter-terror White Knight Corps battle school in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda area, more than 1,000 probationary police officers—62 of whom are deputy superintendents of police—are undergoing a six-week course, according to officials. Commencing on March 19, the integrated training curriculum is the first of its type in the Union Territory, which is dealing with nearly thirty years of terrorism backed by Pakistan.

In a recent interview, Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated that the government intends to remove its troops from Jammu and Kashmir and hand up peace and order to the Union Territory’s police.

“We intend to withdraw our forces and turn over law and order to the Jammu and Kashmir Police exclusively.” The Jammu and Kashmir Police were once unreliable, but they are now in a position of leadership

The integrated training curriculum, according to police, was designed to improve the coordination and combined operational skills of the two forces, which have been fighting terrorism together for more than thirty years.

Based on the Indian Army’s vast experience in these domains, the training is concentrated on operational tactics, intelligence exchange, and counterterrorism techniques. This cooperative training demonstrates a sustained dedication to safety and the welfare of the local populace, according to a police official.

According to him, it’s a step in the right direction towards a time when Jammu and Kashmir’s peace and safety are mostly dependent on the cooperation of the Army and local police.

“National security has been preserved in large part because of the bravery and selflessness of both troops in the face of difficulty. The cooperation

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“The joint training initiative not only underscores the enduring partnership between the Dhruva Command (Udhampur-based Northern command) and White Knight Corps with the Jammu and Kashmir police but also reflects their shared long-term vision of a secure and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir,” said the Governor of Kashmir.

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