After Hamas attacks, Indian students in Israel express gratitude to the Embassy for their prompt assistance and helping hand in returning home.

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In the midst of the Gaza war waged by Hamas, Indian students studying in Israel have expressed their gratitude to the Indian embassy and authorities in New Delhi for guaranteeing their safe return following the horrific terror attacks of October 7, 2018, which involved coordinated air, sea, and land strikes against the southern Kibbutzes.

Rahul, an Israeli PhD candidate studying organic chemistry, experienced firsthand the pandemonium and uncertainty that followed Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas in retaliation for the terror assaults that claimed over a thousand lives and left several more injured. The disguised assailants stormed into Gaza with hostages even as the nation was counting its casualties.

“The beginning of the war came as such a shock… there was pandemonium and

In the end, they returned us in two or three days. We signed up via email, just like everyone else who wished to return home, and they transported us home in three days. And, yes, it was quite clear, and we understood exactly what to do,” he continued, thanking the authorities for their precise instructions.

Similar to Rahul, another Indian student expressed gratitude to the Israeli and Indian governments for their support throughout the situation.

Following the October 7 attacks, the embassy sent us an email. We got in touch with the Indian government and the embassy. The Indian embassy was gracious enough to respond and provide assistance. They made all the required preparations, and everything went off without a hitch. Thus, we would

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