Reviewing multifaceted relationships, Belgium and India hold their second foreign office consultations.

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During the second iteration of the India-Belgium Foreign Office Consultations (FoC), which took place in the nation’s capital on April 10, both parties reviewed the many facets of their bilateral relations in great detail.

The meeting was co-chaired by Theodora Gentzis, President of the Board, Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, and Pavan Kapoor, Secretary (West), Ministry of External Affairs.

“The discussions encompassed key areas of bilateral cooperation including trade and economic cooperation, semiconductors, cyber and digital, Science and Tech, UNSC reforms and multilateral cooperation and institutional dialogue mechanisms,” according to an announcement from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Following the meeting, there was a phone call on March 26 between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Belgian colleague, Alexander De Croo, and a meeting between

During the current term of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, both parties have reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening India-EU strategic connections and advancing the development of an all-encompassing, equitable, fair, and mutually beneficial India-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

“In addition, the dialogue extended to global and regional affairs, green energy transition including green hydrogen, pharmaceuticals and port cooperation, and exchange on key global challenges,” said the press statement.

Additionally, both parties emphasised efforts to strengthen cultural exchanges and interpersonal relationships.

In this regard, they decided to work towards the early signing of a Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement.

The 18th meeting of the Belgium Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU) and the Joint Economic Commission of India was held on April before these consultations.

“India-Belgium FoC provided further momentum to the bilateral relationship and provided an opportunity to review actions and priorities across multidimensional ties between the two countries,” said the press statement.

Moreover, a mutually agreeable date for the next round of FoC with Belgium was set by both parties for the following year.

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