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Hyrbyair Marri, the president of the Free Baluchistan Movement (FBM) and a pro-independence Baloch leader, claimed that the elections that were held in “occupied Baluchistan” under the watchful eye of the Pakistani Army were invalid because the Baloch people were not involved in the “so-called electoral process of Pakistan.”

Political opposition persisted all day, he claimed, and citizens in the majority of “occupied Baluchistan” obstructed voting routes by blocking streets and gathering in protest.

The Baloch leader went on to say, “The Baloch people demonstrated to the world that they had chosen freedom over Pakistani oppression by abstaining from voting. The Baloch nation’s younger generations became aware of state enslavement thanks to the ongoing liberation movement, and

“The military institutions’ sense of superiority and their belief that they are above accountability to any constitutional institution are some of the key causes of this, and our struggle is for an independent Baloch state where each institution has its own constraints. Instead, as in Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, public opinion ought to be given the utmost weight in a democratic setting, and everyone in the nation ought to have equal access to economic, social, and fundamental human rights.

He claimed that in the absence of constitutional boundaries and without being answerable to the views of the majority of the populace, the consequence would be a “failed country like Pakistan” beset by perpetual crises.

The Baloch leader added, “Apart from

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