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Since laser guns may be the weapon of the future, there is interest in obtaining such a system around the world. According to reports, DRDO has tested an actual prototype at a pretty advanced state.

There is currently a serious competition among military powers to develop and implement the next generation of laser weapon systems, which have the capability to neutralise any missile, fighter aircraft, drone, or drone in the sky, or even within enemy airspace. These powers have either deployed or lagged behind in developing or acquiring costly anti-missile or anti-drone systems. Large nations like the US and China, as well as nations like Turkey, Iran, and even Pakistan, are said to have improved or started development on the extremely difficult laser weapon systems to make

Since directed energy weapons move at the speed of light, they can negate drone and ballistic missile attacks from the air or even at their point of origin if they are developed and put into use. Directed energy weapons are also known as laser weapons. It has the ability to divert missiles from their intended course and potentially take out a fighter plane.

Although the current generation of anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons are not thought to be 100% reliable, the laser weapon makes a 100% kill probability guarantee. Since the laser weapon has the potential to revolutionise the military, the DRDO is investing all of its resources on this ambitious project. First disclosed in the US Defence News magazine, the laser weapon known as DURGA-2 (Directly Unrestricted Ray Gun Array) has certain details.

According to reports, the LSTC was successful in creating a 25KW laser that can target a ballistic missile at a maximum distance of 5 km when it is in its terminal phase. The goal of the laser specialists is to increase this range to at least 100 km. A 1 kW laser system mounted on a truck at a DRDO site in Chitradurga was tested earlier in 2017 by the DRDO and was capable of hitting a target at a distance of 250 metres. The main difficulty is supplying the system with enough electricity to operate the high power laser weapons.

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