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IIT-Madras has been developing a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to promote local maritime technology, save expenses, and eventually establish itself as a worldwide hub.

Among other things, the innovations developed by the Centre of Excellence will have an impact on offshore and coastal engineering, green shipping, upcoming ports, and offshore renewable energy. Picture: Unique Set Up

Under the radar, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras) has been creating a sizable Centre of Excellence (CoE) that is propelling homegrown advancements in nautical knowledge and technology.

The project’s researchers are already working on large-scale marine projects in India, and by substituting foreign knowledge and technology, their work has allowed the nation to save a substantial amount of money.

Our goal is to establish this CoE as a major worldwide hub for the maritime industry and to save India a substantial amount of money.

One of the primary results of the CoE is the study and creation of “Wavemakers,” which would give control over testing marine constructions prior to field installation. At a total cost of ₹7.5 Crore, the scientists at Discovery Campus, the IIT-Madras satellite campus, have produced as many as 152 entirely in-house wavemakers. Comparatively, the cost of an imported gadget would have been ₹45 Crore or more. This technology can now be exported to other nations, as it is more cost-effective than wavemakers that are imported.

We have created an affordable Next Generation smartphone-based ‘e-Navigation’ system for Inland Water Transport (IWT). By creating an Indigenous Satellite-based Automatic Identification System, we hope to create a reliable and autonomous navigation and communication system.

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