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India and Sweden held a meeting in New Delhi on Friday to examine how their nations can share knowledge and collaborate to advance the aviation industry.

General VK Singh, the state minister for civil aviation for the Union, and Andreas Carlson, the minister for housing and infrastructure for Sweden, led the discussions.

In a meeting with Singh on Friday, Carlson said: “India needs smaller aeroplanes as it plans investments in infrastructure and aviation. They put a lot of effort into it in Sweden.

He continued, “Those electric aeroplanes are currently in the development stage, but they will be on the market in just five years. Domestic short-haul flights can be operated entirely on electricity from the outset. With 25 people and a combination of electric power and biofuel, they can go 800 miles.

He said that both nations can cooperate to find solutions.

Carlson remarked on Friday that connection, economic growth, and the creation of new jobs have all traditionally been made possible by the aviation industry. In addition to being a key worldwide commerce facilitator, it also helps to maintain social and economic solidarity.

Carlson was in India on a two-day visit to talk about Sweden-Indian aviation, sustainability, and bilateral trade.

Carlson and Singh talked about ways that the two nations may work together on issues like air traffic control, designing the airspace, and finding ways to minimise emissions and reduce carbon footprints while simultaneously boosting productivity and competitiveness.

India is by far a larger country than Sweden, according to Carlson, and Sweden is one of the EU’s more distant members. However, he pointed out that there are some issues with connectivity in rural regions that are common to both nations.

“We spoke about how to advertise aviation in a sustainable approach that also lowers emissions and carbon footprints. We share common objectives, and India is spending heavily in expanding and constructing new airports. We are interested in exchanging knowledge, discussing best practises at the EU level, and working together with India, the official said.

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