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In order to explore potential defence sector collaborations with the Philippines and to present its in-house military technologies and equipment, the Indian government has sent a business team to Manila.

At least 18 Indian companies presented a range of potential defence exports, including aircraft, drones, helicopters, and artificial intelligence-based technologies, to Filipino stakeholders and Department of National Defence officials at the defence industry seminar organised by the Indian Embassy in Makati City on Friday.

Philippines must allocate the majority of its resources to development initiatives, same like India. Thus, our contribution to national security—which is likewise an urgent need—is constantly limited, according to Indian Ambassador to the Philippines Shambhu Kumaran.

Therefore, if you’re looking at a feasible choice within that constraint framework, then I would

At the same occasion, Kumaran expressed optimism that New Delhi, given its successful contract on the BrahMos cruise missile system, which he stated will be delivered “soon,” may be included in the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ third phase of modernization.

“It is evident that the missile systems contract was successfully completed. We’re hoping that this gets taken into account,” he stated.

“On the Indian side, we have a broad range of capabilities — helicopters, attack helicopters, land systems, artillery systems — and some of those would match with the capabilities you are looking to acquire in the Horizon 3,” he continued. “We have naval systems, we have fighter aircraft, and we have a broad range of capabilities.”

Horizon 2 was originally planned to run from 2018 to 2022, and Horizon 3 from 2023 to 2028.


“Our countries are both peaceful. We will not tolerate attempts to restrict our access to our resources and territory, but we also do not yearn for other people’s land or waterways. Thus, we must do more than just talk,” he continued.

Additionally, Kumaran reiterated that India’s financial offer to assist the nation in financing its upgrading of its defences is still on the table.

We are very much willing to make an offer. He stated, “We have made it known that we want to provide a soft credit for defence procurements, which may also include operations that ultimately lead to some kind of cooperative industrial activity.

Based on the national goals of the borrowing countries, India’s credit line offers developing nations a soft loan at a discounted interest rate.

The Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) offers line credits with general terms of 1.75 percent, a tenor of 20 years, and a moratorium of 5 years.

Conversations about defence and security in recent years between India and the

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