Five Pakistani drone intrusion attempts are initiated by the Indian Army along the Poonch Line of Control.

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In the Poonch district of Jammu, in the Balnoi and Gulpur districts, Indian Army soldiers successfully stopped five Pakistani drones from trying to breach the Line of Control. The drones were forced to retire to the Pakistani side after the Indian Army opened fire in response to their detection.

Two drone infiltration attempts in a row were reported by officials in the Poonch neighbourhood of Chakkan da Bagh along the Line of Control. The drones were forced to retreat as the Indian Army opened fire. According to the sources, two attempts were made early this morning in the Gulpur region of Poonch while three attempts were made in the Balnoi neighbourhood of Mendhar in Poonch.

Officials from the Army have also verified several occurrences close to the Line of

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