India demands an immediate de-escalation and restraint exercise in light of the hostilities between Iran and Israel.

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India voiced worries on Sunday after Iran attacked Israel with drones and missiles, underscoring the threat to regional peace and security.

India, through the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), issued a press release calling for an immediate de-escalation and urged all sides to use caution, abstain from violence, and resume diplomatic consultations.

“We are seriously concerned at the escalation of hostilities between Israel and Iran which threatens the peace and security in the region,” the Ministry of External Affairs stated in a news release. We demand an immediate end to the hostilities, the use of prudence, a retreat from aggression, and a return to diplomatic relations.”

MEA also confirmed that they are keeping a careful eye on the Iran-Israel issue.

“We are keeping a careful eye on the

In the meanwhile, following Iran’s reaction to the embassy strike that claimed the lives of three of its most senior military generals, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a meeting of his war cabinet in Tel Aviv.

US President Joe Biden met with the War Cabinet and Security Cabinet before holding discussions with the Israeli PM as tensions in the region continue to rise as a result of the Iranian attack.

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