India is expanding its military reach in order to provide defence attached to more countries in Asia and Africa: ANALYSIS

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India is making a major strategic move in order to strengthen ties with important regions amid escalating geopolitical tensions. It will station defence attachés in Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Ivory Coast, the Philippines, Armenia, and Poland.

In particular, according to a story in Hindustan Times, India will designate defence attachés to Poland and Armenia for the first time, demonstrating the increased significance of these countries as security allies. This action highlights Poland’s growing importance in the dynamics of European security and comes after a significant arms transaction with Armenia.

According to HT, the ministry of external affairs intends to open 26 new missions worldwide, 18 of which will be in African countries. During the G20 meeting in New Delhi last year, India took the lead in trying to get the African Union into the group. These new postings will highlight the importance of Africa and create chances for military collaboration and arms sales, especially given the fact that many African nations want to modernise their armed forces.

China’s efforts to increase its influence in African countries have resulted in a notable improvement in India’s relations with Africa. Concerns over China’s expanding military might in the South China Sea are also prompting India to consider strengthening security ties with the Philippines.

Military or defence attachés are essential in many fields. They serve in diplomatic posts overseas and are vital in promoting collaboration and communication between the armed forces of their home nation and the one they are visiting.

In addition to gathering and analysing military intelligence, they also support military-to-military contacts, ease arms sales and agreements involving military cooperation, and advise their respective governments on security-related issues.

They also frequently serve as a point of contact between members of the armed forces and the diplomatic community, which helps both diplomatic and general national security goals.

According to a PTI report, Djibouti, a tiny African country that serves as a vital maritime gateway between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, is set to receive a new defence attaché from New Delhi. Djibouti is incredibly

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