India permits the export of specific quantities of essential commodities upon request from the Maldives.

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In the midst of the dispute between India and the Maldives, India has granted permission for the export of specific amounts of basic goods for 2024–2025 through a special bilateral mechanism, at the Maldives government’s request.

The quotas for each of these commodities have been adjusted upward, according to a Thursday post on X by the Indian High Commission in the Maldives.

“Upon the request of the Government of Maldives, the Government of India has allowed for export of certain quantities of essential commodities for the year 2024-25 under a unique bilateral mechanism, wherein, the quotas for each of these items have been revised upwards,” the message said.

Notably, since this system went into operation in 1981, the authorised quantities are the greatest.

The Maldives’ rapidly expanding building industry now requires more stone aggregates and river sand, hence the limit has been raised by 25% to 1,000,000 metric tonnes.

The quotas for eggs, potatoes, onions, sugar, rice, wheat flour, and dal (pulses) have also increased by 5%.

Furthermore, despite a global embargo on the shipment of rice, sugar, and onions, India continued to ship these goods to the Maldives last year as well.

The Indian High Commission in the Maldives released a statement that said, “India remains strongly committed to supporting human-centric development in the Maldives, as part of its ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy.”

Significantly, since Muizzu took power, relations between India and the Maldives have been strained since he lambasted New Delhi both before and after the presidential election.

While declaring that India will remain the Maldives’ “closest ally,” Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu asked New Delhi for debt relief measures earlier in March, according to local media.

He said he had “not taken any action nor made any statements” that could sour relations between the two nations.

President Muizzu expressed his expectation that India will provide debt relief measures for the Maldives in exchange for the return of the substantial loans that the nation has taken out from it over the course of several governments in an interview with the local media, “Mihaaru,” according to Adhadhu.

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