Number of Indian students in Russia remains stable despite the conflict with Ukraine: Russian Official

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Approximately 25,000 to 30,000 Indian students are enrolled in Russian universities despite the conflict with Ukraine, as many Indian students choose to study medicine there. Furthermore, the nation ranks sixth among the top study abroad destinations for Indian students, only surpassed by Germany.

Concerns over the safety and presence of Indian students in Russian institutions have existed since the conflict began in 2022. However, a senior Russian official has disclosed that, in spite of the war, the number of Indian students in Russia has not reduced during the previous two years.

Oleg Osipov, the director of the Russian House in New Delhi, emphasised the size of Russia and the fact that Indian students have the chance to study in many areas outside of conflict zones, such as Crimea, Sevastopol, and the western regions of the nation. He went on to discuss the availability of educational options in capital cities, the Far East, Siberia, and the Urals.

“Well, in the past two years, the number (of Indian students) hasn’t become lower, you know and as for the conditions of Indian students learning in studying in Russian universities, I should say some of them are studying in Crimea, in the cities of Sevastopol and the western parts of Russia,” he stated in an ANI interview.

Russia is a sizable nation. It’s

Osipov guaranteed that education in Russian institutions is of a constant calibre, despite the fact that he acknowledged regional variations in cost of living. He added that while safety procedures are the same for all Russian citizens and visitors, there are no particular safety precautions in place for Indian students.

Osipov cites conflicting figures regarding the number of Indian students in Russia, with estimates ranging from 25,000 to 30,000. Well, providing an actual figure is different from using statistics. Although I have seen many estimates, I believe it is quite difficult to see the amount. They are not the same as the 25,000–30,000 Indian students who are studying in Russia.”

In 2022, around 18,000 pupils were evacuated from Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

He conveyed the long-standing custom in Russia of

“In Russia, Indian students are always welcome to pursue higher education. In the Soviet era, they were always welcomed. Also, a sizable number of Indian youth attended our nation’s universities. According to Osipov, “I believe they have taken up some significant positions in the fields of education, medicine, the economy, and other areas.”

Osipov noted that a wide variety of studies were available, including physics, medicine, chemistry, psychology, philology, and aerospace technologies.

He also highlights Russia’s cultural receptivity to India, pointing out that there are two television networks that are devoted entirely to Indian cinema.

We have two TV stations devoted to Indian films, as you are aware. There isn’t another nation on Earth where two 24-hour channels are devoted to foreign film productions. We don’t have any foreign films, you know,” the senior Russian official remarked.

His statements precede the April 11–13 Indo-Russian Education Summit, which will take place in the nation’s capital.

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