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In response to a controversy over China providing stapled visas to a few athletes from Arunachal Pradesh, senior Congress MP Shashi Tharoor stated on Friday that India should simply begin issuing stapled visas to everybody requesting for an Indian visa from Tibet. Tharoor tweeted, “Enough is enough,” tagging a news article about China giving some Indian athletes from Arunachal Pradesh stapled visas. We should just start giving stapled visas ourselves to anyone requesting for an Indian visa from Tibet rather than disappointing our athletes and every other Arunachali seeking a Chinese visa.

The former state minister for foreign affairs added, “And say we will continue to do so until the disputed border between Tibet and India is resolved.”

On Thursday, India criticised China for giving a few athletes from Arunachal Pradesh stapled visas and stated that it reserves the right to “appropriately respond” to such actions.

The spokesperson for the External Affairs Ministry, Arindam Bagchi, stated that India has “strongly protested” the situation to the Chinese government and that there should be no discrimination against Indian people in the visa process based on their place of residence or race.

According to those with knowledge of the situation, a 12-member Wushu team’s trip to Chengdu, China, to compete in the World University Games was cancelled on Wednesday night since three of the players were from Arunachal Pradesh and their visas were stapled. After the authorities looked into the situation, it was decided to postpone the team’s travel.

China has in the past issued stapled visas to Indians from Arunachal Pradesh, prompting strong protests from New Delhi. Arunachal Pradesh is the subject of Chinese allegations that it is a part of Southern Tibet.

The renaming of various locations in Arunachal Pradesh by China was categorically rejected by India in April. India said that the state is indivisible from India and that giving it “invented” names does not change this reality.


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