Soldiers from India and Mongolia take part in a nomad elephan exercise.

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In the ongoing exercise Nomadic Elephant 2023 in Mongolia, soldiers from the Indian Army and the Mongolian Armed Forces are taking part.

A tweet from the IHQ of the MoD (Army)’s Additional Directorate General of Public Information detailed the participation of the troops in the drill.

“Exercise #NomadicElephant 2023 Achieving Synergy & Interoperability,” said a tweet from the Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of MoD (Army). During the Joint Exercise in Mongolia, troops from both countries were seen in action. On July 16, a 43-person contingent from the Indian Army flew in on a C-17 from the Indian Air Force to Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is where the exercise, which started on July 17, is being carried out. The Nomadic Elephant-23 exercise is scheduled to end on July 31.

The exercise is a yearly training session with Mongolia that alternately takes place in India and Mongolia. Nomadic Elephant-23’s final event took place at Bakloh’s Special Forces Training School in October 2019. Field training exercises (FTX) at the platoon level are included in the scope of this activity.

The Ministry of Defence stated in the news release that the exercise’s goals were to “develop interoperability, foster goodwill, camaraderie, and friendship between the two armies, foster positive military relations, and exchange best practises.” The exercise’s main theme will be counterterrorism operations in hilly terrain carried out under United Nations authority. The exercise would include a variety of training exercises meant to improve the skills and capacities of the Indian and Mongolian military.

These exercises include of rock climbing, room intervention, reflex shooting, endurance training, and small team tactics. Both Indian and Mongolian soldiers will benefit from one another’s operational expertise.

According to a news statement, collaboration and security in the region are common goals of India and Mongolia. The exercise will mark yet another important turning point in the Indian Army and Mongolian Army’s defence cooperation, strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries.


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