S. Jaishankar told the German Daily, “Russia has never hurt our interests.”

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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar defended long-standing ties between India and Russia this week, telling the German daily Handelsblatt that Moscow has “never hurt out interests” and that the two countries have a “stable and very friendly” relationship. This comes as the West attempts to stop the conflict in Ukraine.

The remarks coincide with quiet rumours that New Delhi could assist in ending the carnage, whereby over 70,000 civilian and military deaths are suspected to have occurred, according to US information from December.

“Everyone bases how they handle a relationship on prior interactions. Looking at India’s post-independence history, I can say that Russia has never harmed our interests. Our current relationship with Moscow is founded on the steady and amicable relationship we have had for a long time.”

Relations between Russia and India have been questioned since Vladimir

Mr. Jaishankar has also previously noted that India’s imports of Russian oil are insignificant in comparison to the amounts that European countries have previously purchased.

In August of last year, it stated that India was no different from other countries in its efforts to secure the greatest possible deal for its people and to lessen the effects of rising energy prices.

He had stated, months before the war started, that “if you are looking at purchasing energy from Russia, I suggest you focus on Europe.” We certainly make some purchases, which is necessary, but I doubt that we would spend as much overall in a month than the people of Europe do in an afternoon.”

With US Secretary of State Antony Blinken by his side, he made the remark.

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