Strong bilateral cooperation against cybercrimes is highlighted by U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti.

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US Ambassador Eric Garcetti referred to the bilateral relationships between the two countries as “a multiplicative relationship” on Wednesday, highlighting the successful collaboration between US and Indian law enforcement in the fight against cybercrimes.

Speaking during a special screening of the documentary “Bogus Phone Operators” in New Delhi, Ambassador Garcetti emphasised the value of US-India cooperation in tackling a range of issues, including cyber-security threats.

A special showing of a documentary film that explores the world of illicit call centres, cybercrime, and computer fraud was arranged by the US Embassy in New Delhi on Wednesday.

He said, “We really encourage you to come back to really learn about the ways that the United States and India are working together in what ways this is a place where we have concerts, discussions, and exhibitions.”

“It’s not India plus the United States, it’s India times the United States when we get together,” he said, going into additional detail about the mutual benefit between the two nations. Whether that’s during times of great opportunity, such as when there’s a chance to improve economic prospects, examine health issues collaboratively, address challenges like climate change, or tackle other matters.”

Ambassador Garcetti underscored the significance of robust bilateral relations and its advantages for both countries and the international community. “We know that the United States and India, when we have a relationship that is strong, it is strong for our people, and it sends a message to the world that we are here to preserve the peace and to look at ways to protect you and your families,” he said.

The documentary

According to a statement from the US Embassy and Consulates in India, the screening was held at the American Centre in New Delhi.

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