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A proposal for the purchase of US Harpoon and Kalibr Missiles is reportedly being considered by the government and is anticipated to be approved soon, per information released on April 25, 2023.

The Kalibr and Harpoon missiles are different in their specs but have capabilities that are similar. A comparison of the two missiles is provided below:

The mass of the Kalibr missile varies depending on the type, ranging from 1,300 kg to 2,300 kg, whereas the Harpoon missile has a mass of 1,523 lb (691 kg), including the booster.

The Harpoon missile has a length of 12.6 feet (3.8 meters) when launched from the air and 15 feet (4.6 meters) when launched from the surface or a submarine. Depending on the type, the Kalibr missile’s length can range from 6.2 meters to 8.9 meters.

The Kalibr missile has a diameter of 0.533 m, whereas the Harpoon missile has a diameter of 13.5 in (34 cm).

Warhead: The Kalibr missile’s warhead varies depending on the type, weighing 400–500 kg HE or thermonuclear, compared to the Harpoon missile’s 488 pounds (221 kg) payload.

Engine: The Teledyne CAE J402 turbojet/solid propellant booster that powers the Harpoon missile’s surface and submarine launches produces more than 600 lbf (2,700 N) of thrust. The Kalibr missile is powered by a multi-stage solid-fuel rocket engine, a turbojet engine, or both in some configurations.

The operational range of the Harpoon missile is 120 nmi (220 km) for air-launched Block IC and 75 nmi (139 km) for ship-launched Block I and Block IC. Depending on the version, the operational range of the Kalibr missile can range from 50 km to 4,500 km.

Flight Altitude: The Kalibr missile flies between 50 and 150 meters above sea level, whereas the Harpoon missile soars to sea-skimming heights.

Maximum Speed: The Harpoon missile’s top speed for Block I and air-launched Block IC is 537 mph (864 km/h; 240 m/s; Mach 0.71), but it exceeds 537 mph for Block II and Block IC. The Kalibr missile’s top speed ranges from 0.8 to 3.0 Mach.

The Harpoon missile’s guidance system uses a sea-skimming cruise that is tracked by a radar altimeter and an active radar terminal homing. The Kalibr missile is directed by satellites (allegedly), DSMAC, inertial guidance, and terminal active radar homing.

Launching Platform: RGM-84A surface ships/TELs or AGM-84A aircraft are both capable of launching the Harpoon missile. The Kalibr missile can be fired from aircraft, TELs, containers, submarines, and naval vessels.

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