Foreign Secretary on Egypt’s request for BRICS membership: “DECISION IS YET TO ARRIVE…”

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The BRICS member nations are currently reviewing all of these petitions, but they are also currently debating among themselves what should be the criteria for BRICS membership expansion, as well as what should be the method and procedure connected to that. That hasn’t come yet,” Kwatra responded when asked about Egypt’s application for BRICS membership.

“All of BRICS’s decisions are reached by consensus. So, from our perspective, along with the other BRICS nations, we are extremely active participants in that process. That is how things stand right now. Kwatra stated in a special briefing on the Prime Minister’s visit to Egypt that “we are actively looking at all the applications, of course, including a very friendly and strategic partner like Egypt in the expanded structure of the BRICS.”

The Russian Ambassador to Cairo, Georgy Borisenko, confirmed this assertion after Egypt submitted its application to join the BRICS, according to TASS News Agency.

Egypt started the procedure for potential BRICS membership on Wednesday, June 14; the nation submitted an application to join the five nations. According to TASS, who cited Georgy Borisenko, the Russian ambassador to Cairo, in their report, this was said.

Egypt has submitted its application to join the BRICS organisation since one of the initiatives being pursued by BRICS at the moment is to transfer trade to other currencies, whether they be national currencies or a new shared currency. That is something that Egypt is particularly interested in, the envoy told TASS.

He claims that Egypt is eager to increase economic and trade ties with Russia. “New payment mechanisms are being created for trade transactions,” the ambassador continued.

On June 2, a gathering of the foreign ministers of the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—took place in Cape Town.

Top diplomats from the 12 Global South nations that want to join the group, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Comoros, Cuba, Egypt, Gabon, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela, also attended the meeting.

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