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Recently, there has been increased focus in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) on the abduction case of 11-year-old Falak Noor.

In the most recent development, demonstrators were arranged on Saturday throughout a number of GB areas by local officials and citizens. They declared that if Noor is not returned to her parents within the allotted week, there will be even larger-scale rallies and sit-ins. They also blasted the establishment for their blatant misunderstanding of the problem.

Noor, the daughter of Sakhi Ahmad Jan, a daily wage worker from Sultanabad in Gilgit Baltistan, is said to have been kidnapped since January 20 of this year. The victims’ relatives have been battling ever since to reclaim their daughter. But following a

“We have now presented the matter before the Chief Justice of GB,” said the attorney now handling the case. We had argued that a little girl’s safety and human rights were at stake in this situation. By tomorrow, all of the senior police officials in Great Britain will receive notices and summonses from the court, which will also order the police to bring the case’s offender into court. We now hope that police top officials would face severe consequences if the court’s orders are disregarded.

The lawyer further remarked, “We also demand that, not only the culprits but the supporters of these culprits within the police, on high positions such as SP, SHO, add. SHO

According to rumours, Noor’s case involves forced kidnapping in order to force a marriage. In reference to the same issue, GB Deputy Speaker Sadiya Danish declared: “In terms of Falak Noor’s case, anything akin to this is prohibited by law and religion. The law makes it very plain that, even if a girl wishes to marry, she cannot do so without her parents’ approval if she is not yet an adult. Therefore, we have requested that the case be handled as though it were a kidnapping. Since her documents only allow her to be 13 years old. Additionally, the private physician who certified her age as 16 will be called and questioned about the reasoning behind her diagnosis.

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