Today, JAISHANKAR will embark on a four-day trip to Tanzania.

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Jaishankar will meet with the highest officials of the nation of East Africa during his tour, as well as attend a reception on the Indian Naval Ship Trishul. He will also inaugurate the Swami Vivekananda bust and speak to the Indian diaspora.

In the first two days of his four-day trip to the country, Jaishankar will travel to Zanzibar, where he will meet with top officials, tour a water supply project financed by a line of credit from the Indian government, and attend a reception on the Indian Naval Ship Trishul, which is currently sailing to Tanzania.

After that, EAM will go to Tanzania’s Dar-es-Salaam city from July 7–8, 2023, where he would co-chair the 10th India–Tanzania Joint Commission Meeting with his counterpart and meet with high officials, including many Cabinet rank Ministers, according to an official statement.

“He will meet with members of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for India during his visit, and he will also launch a commercial meeting between India and Tanzania. In addition, EAM will speak to the Indian diaspora and dedicate Swami Vivekananda’s bust in Dar es Salaam, according to the press release.

Tanzania and India have warm and tight ties. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) will launch its first-ever overseas campus in Tanzania’s Zanzibar in October 2023 with a class of 50 undergraduate students and 20 master’s students, according to The Citizen, enhancing the educational links between the two nations.

IIT-Madras at Zanzibar will be the name of the next IIT campus that will be built in Zanzibar. There will be three campuses outside of India; the other two are in Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur. One of those campuses will be in Zanzibar.

Tanzanian daily The Citizen covers political and social issues affecting Tanzania and the continent of Africa.

The Joint Defence Cooperation Committee (JDCC) meeting between Tanzania and India, which took place in Arusha on June 28 and 29, was convened for the second time this year.

The Ministry of Defence released a statement saying that at the JDDC meeting, the two parties discussed boosting security in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

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